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Our story

Several years ago, Youssef and Hedi, two brothers, aimed to establish an equivalent of the UBER service in Tunisia, their country of origin. While Youssef was residing in France and collaborating with childhood friend Aloïs in a technological enterprise struggling to recruit diverse profiles, the idea of GIMWORK emerged.

GIMWORK was born from the realization of these three friends, who found it challenging to source a variety of skills at the right cost and speed. The question seemed simple yet elusive, as it depended on individual needs: Where can one find a good doctor, plumber, or computer engineer? What common thread links these varied competencies?

After years of contemplation, the question evolved: Why not offer a flexible platform for anyone to seamlessly present their skills while benefiting from others’ expertise? Why not extend the opportunity for anyone to work without discrimination and enable everyone to earn a livelihood fairly?

GIMWORK presents the solution to these challenges and aspires to revolutionize our perspective on work relationships and services in the years ahead.

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the CEO

Discover our commitment to all our users. Our technology is designed to help you achieve your goals. Join us and discover how we’re here to support you every step of the way.